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Address your health in every way, ​every day....

Don’t wait until you’re sick.

A Preventive Holistic Health approach includes the ​whole being of you, physically, mentally, ​emotionally, and spiritually, not just the physical.

Daily preventive routines and self-care are ​essential to achieving optimal

Health & Wellness.

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for one-on-one coaching.

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Helping you:

  • Integrate Nutrition as Functional ​Medicine
  • Practice Daily Preventive Health
  • Practice Daily Holistic Health
  • Understand & Use Natural Herbal ​Remedies
  • Daily Self-Care Routines
  • Spiritual Growth & Guidance

Schedule a Free 15-20 minute call or Zoom to ​discover if we make a great team for your ​success. Share your health concerns, issues, ​struggles, strengths, & goals to help create ​an individualized plan unique to your needs ​& desires.

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Heart and Soul


Nutrition, Fitness, Health History


Self-Care, Journaling, Breath Work


Pray, Meditate, Grounding, Creativity

No one knows you better than you...through compassionate communication, you are embraced, encouraged, & empowered to “Be”,

the very best, healthiest, happiest version of YOU so that you may thrive in life and live in abundance.

Products & Services

Through compassionate accountability, you receive support & guidance ​to ​Be Better in your Health & Wellness Journey

One-on-One Coaching

Individualized Plans

As a licensed RN & certified Integrative ​Nutrition Health Coach I provide ​compassionate guidance & ​accountability for you to

Be Better in your

Health & Wellness Journey.

Compass Calls (60 min)-$55

Prepaid 3-Month Plan $275

Prepaid 6-Month Plan $500

Natural Herbal


Choose from Fire Cider, Elderberry ​w/Boost, Special Blend Herbal ​Teas, Tinctures, Oils, Bath Salts, ​Steams, & more to address your ​health issues and concerns, ​naturally.

Reiki Energy Work


Address the body’s energy ​centers (chakras) that are ​essential to optimal heath & ​wellness.

Aligns chakras to release any ​stagnant energy to improve ​flow, balance, and harmony of ​your body, your sacred temple.


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